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Health, Safety & Environment

The Management of third Wave Group considers safety a top priority and is committed to having a total program that will ensure the safety of our employees, subcontractors and our customers, and the people in the countries where we live and conduct business.

Our Plan of action for establishing and maintaining a safe work environment includes communications of the Company's safety policies, training and educate the work force to adopt safety and health policies, safe practices, and procedures that prevent and relieve human and economic losses arising from accidental causes and adverse occupational environmental health exposures, taking immediate corrective action when potentially unsafe acts are identified and holding all levels of supervision accountable for conducting day to day business in a safe manner.

The Company is responsible for directing a sound and effective loss prevention program by providing training, support and guidance to all levels of personnel at all company locations. The Company will take corrective action for failure on the part of any company employee to, abide by all safety policies and procedures that are established.

Our total program emphasizing identification, control, accountability, and communications will be successful in providing a safe and productive work place for all employees.