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ADS Wildcats, Automated Drilling System

M/DTotco and Wildcat Services Join to Deliver Tuned Drilling Solutions. In an effort to continue delivering you the best drilling solutions in the industry, M/D Totco welcomes Wildcat Services into the Varco family. the Wildcat Automated Drilling System (ADS) is the industry leader with over600 units working worldwide and is the only patented band brake controlled, Delta P drilling solution that optimizes Rate of Penetration in the market today.

To those that are currently running the Wildcat ADS with its high level of excellent service, nothing will change. Now you can have direct access to M/D Totco solutions to leverage your Wildcat investment and streamline your rig and drilling business operations. Our partnership offers you the most advanced and comprehensive drilling solutions to make you more efficient and profitable. From a single source, you can cover all facets of your drilling process including drift, surface instrumentation, automated drilling, and rigsite data collection. We can provide rigsite-to-remote communications and help streamline drilling operations in the office.

To those that currently use M/D Totco solutions, Wildcat offers you a tuned auto drilling solution for your land rig that complements our complex offshore and disk brake applications. If your operations stretch around the globe, we can advance your drilling process and deliver our leading service with over 30 locations covering the globe. To those who are using other pneumatic/hydraulic or Delta P auto-driller imitations, you should really look at M/D totco and Wildcat to partner with so you can discover ways to become more efficient and valuable to your customers. Please take this opportunity to contact your sales representative and let him explain the new benefits that M/D Totco and Wildcat can offer. Let us help you effectively manage your business of drilling.

For further information, please contact sales@thirdwave.com.sg