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Founded in 2001, Centek Group specializes in the development of engineering solutions for the world's toughest casing running environments.
Our focus has always been to reduce risk and rig time. We understand our customers' need to reach total depth without delay and to reduce the costly risk associated with centralizer issues such as damages, pulling out of hole, poor cement jobs leading to remedial costs and channeling caused by an uneven cement sheath due to lack of standoff. We design and manufacture a range of revolutionary bow spring centralizers which provide unprecedented stand-off giving the optimum in pipe centralization.

Whatever the pipe running challenge, Centek has the product to meet it. Excellence to the Core is our mantra which has made Centek the benchmark for centralization products.

  1. Under reamed sections
  2. Unconsolidated and washed out sections
  3. ERD, horizontal and highly deviated wells
  4. HTHP and Geothermal
  5. Shale gas wells
  6. Vertical and simple wells
  7. OH Completions with Frac sleeve and packer operations
  8. Cemented completions
  9. Sandscreen completions
  10. Tight tolerance
  11. Deep water
  12. All other well types
All Centek centralizers are designed to be compressed virtually flat and then, once the restriction has been negotiated, return to their original diameter and load defection performance, without damage.
For further information, please contact sales@thirdwave.com.sg