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D.S.I., Drilling System International

D.S.I. - Synonymous with drilling, completion and workover operations.

The PBL Bypass System was designed and pioneered by the founder Paul B. Lee; who recognised the necessity for a unique reliable cost effective tool to combat excessive wasted rig time during loss circulation problems, as well as BHA limited flow rate scenarios.

Over the years the unique PBL Bypass System has dealt with loss circulation and limited flow rate problems worldwide, and although not originally designed for this application the Bypass System found a niche in completion and workover operations. The tool has proven to be a financially beneficial incentive for operators, by substantially reducing loss rig time and circulating hours. During the pursuing years further innovative tools were created and adapted to specialised applications. Continued PBL tool enhancements enabled increased operating efficiency, overall performance and improved optimisation. The PBL Bypass System has proven significantly effective to operators in some of the most extreme drilling environments.

The name PBL has become synonymous with drilling, completion and workover operations. Drilling Systems International (DSI) was formed as the international operational marketing branch of PBL Drilling Tools Ltd; DSI a continually expanding company is dedicated to providing quality products and service.

PBL Drilling Tools Ltd. introduces the Multiple Activation Bypass System for drilling, completion and workover operations. The Bypass System is a simple, reliable tool for increasing BHA circulating area 'at the drop of a ball'.

  • PBL Bypass
  • PBL Autolock
Key Features:
  • Standard tool configuration includes 6 open and close cycles.
  • Drill with optimum hydraulics, use motors, MWD's or core barrels and maintain the ability to pump aggressive LCM pills. The Bypass sub saves you that trip for open ended drill pipe.
  • Reduce friction losses and increase circulating rates in deep liner clean-out applications. Don't circulate at 4 BPM when the Bypass sub can give you 30 BPM using specialized dual or triple ported tools.
  • Proven reliable performance worldwide. Regularly in use worldwide for over twelve years.
The Bypass Systems has Numerous Applications to Enhance & Aid:
  • Lost circulation
  • Workover and completions
  • Horizontal drilling
  • Horizontal acidising & stimulation
  • Under balanced drilling
  • Special application coring techniques
  • Fixed cutter/bi-centre bits or hole enlargement applications
  • Sub sea riser/ BOP jetting
  • Tripping dry pipe with a positive open port

    For further information, please contact sales@thirdwave.com.sg