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Downhole Products plc

Downhole Products

Downhole Products specialises in the design and manufacture of specialist quality oilfield equipment for the international upstream oil and gas industries.

Its unique range of centralizers which are specifically designed for casings, liners and sand screens eliminate recurring problems common in today's demanding wells. Downhole Products' Pen-O-Trator reamer shoes has also established itself in the industry as the ultimate ledge riding shoe.

Founded in 1984 in Aberdeen, Scotland, Downhole Products is known throughout the industry for its range of solid centralisers and reamer shoes.

Product Range


Spir-o-lizer centralizers are especially recommended for extreme applications due to their ability to withstand severe abuse, reduce sliding forces, eliminate packing off and increase the probability of successful liner rotation.

Many runs involving Spir-o-lizers are in difficult and tortuous wells. Further details and running history are available upon request.

Custom designed for specific applications.

All sizes of Spir-o-lizer & Spir-o-lok Stop Collars - including Slimhole, available from large inventory


Econoglider is another version of Econolizer where DHP develop the blades of the Econolizer to spiral blades. Currently available only on the common sizes (9-5/8" & 7") due to press tolerance on the material on the making of the spiral blades.
  • Econ-O-Lizer
  • PA4B
  • Shrink-lok Stop Collar
Downhole Products developed their own software to establish actual standoff for casing, liners and sand control screens in relation to well bore size and profile, these programs also predict potential torque and drag. Downhole Products' 3D Spacing, Torque and Drag program has been specially written to offer our customers the best possible calculations prior to performing actual well bore installations. This program is provided to all customers upon request by providing well profile/trajectory.

Reamer Shoes
  • Pen-O-Trator