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Redback, Roller Reamers


A leading designer and manufacturer of downhole drilling products, Gearhart United has been supplying and servicing the Australian industry since 1981. With operations in South Australia, Western Australia, Bulgaria, Aberdeen, Singapore and Indonesia, Gearhart United now supply the world drilling industry with the same quality products, innovation and service that has made Gearhart United a leader in Australia.

Gearhart has manufacturer facility located at Wingfield, South Australia. This facility is designed to process your equipment orders promptly and efficiently. In response to customers requirements Gearhart is continuing process or product improvement and development by the professionals in Gearhart's engineering department and is enhanced by Gearhart's field service experience thru contact with customers thru out the world. With full control of a Quality management system which has been audited and approved by NATA and complies to ISO 9001, Gearhart's assure of a good quality assurance in design and development.


Redback tools offer a range of cutter and roller profiles:
  • Hard formation cutter
  • Back reaming cutter
  • Bi-directional cutter
  • Roller stabilizers

All of these can reduce torque and stick slip and the consequent torsional vibration that is detrimental to drilling performance and MWD/LWD file.

For further information, please contact sales@thirdwave.com.sg