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Third Wave, Oilfield Services and Solutions

Product - TW Oilfield Rental and Services

This traditional oilfield activity encompasses the supply, through rental, of various drilling and production tools used during drilling, completion and production of wells. These wells can be oil, gas or geothermal.

TW Procurement, Distribution and Sales

TW is engaged in specific areas as a procurer, distributor or agent for various manufacturers' products and services. This business segment is primarily a direct sales discipline with technical and service backup support as needed. Products are also stocked in our Singapore Jurong facility for immediate delivery to customers throughout South East Asia.

TW Engineering / Project Management

Hands-on experience obtained in significant projects for major clients has solidified Third Wave's Positions as a Technical Management Company capable of supporting any oil operator with qualified personnel for team leadership in drilling operations.

Capabilities include provision of management/drillling staff to handle exploration drilling, contract negotiations, provision of all services required to drill the wells, to oversee drilling activities and thereafter, post well reporting and to liaise between the exploration and development drilling teams.